onsdag 20 juni 2018


Mantra : Om Gyaanam Dhyaanam Shantam Hari

Attraction is the force that makes us desirable to others. It could be a person, a goal, a relationship or anything else that we desire. Aakarshan mantra is a powerful way to make one more attractive and it is in line with today's Laws of Attraction.

Aakarshan mantra is composed of 5 words to make oneself very attractive and to enchant the universal powers..

1. Om : Regulates our Chakras to best possible alignment for good energy flow in our Prana or Life forces

2. Gyaanam or Self-Knowledge : When we get to know more of ourselves, we get to know more of our strengths and faults. Once we know the issues that need to be fixed, we can take care of them. Knowing self first before gaining knowledge about the rest of the world is the first rule of Attraction.

3. Dhyaanam or Self-Awareness : Being aware about your mind and body's response and reactions to various situations, helps us gain a better insight on self-control. We are able to control anger and anxiety with self-awareness.

4. Shantam or Peace : One who is peaceful attracts all. Peace improves our Aura. It helps increase our radiance to others. We give out positive vibes when we are peaceful.

5. Hari or Smile : Smile is intoxicating. It enchants all who come close to you. It enhances mood and energy in Life.

This mantra has tremendous potential to enhance one's desirability. One should listen or chant this daily for atleast 10-15 minutes. You will see a shift in people's behavior towards you soon. You will feel happier and calmer from inside and outside.

Let the attraction begin.

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